Here are some guidelines I use during my life. We can call this my philosophy but it's just my way to live.

When I think about myself, I simply see a human being, just as everyone else, who loves to live. I love life and people, because people make life really interesting, and because we are awesome: I can't stop surprising myself with all the things we humans are able to do, to find, to give. I'm sure: without people we can be nothing. So I respect everyone, because everyone can teach me something new, of course! I believe in respect, culture, and empathy. I think that Love is the most powerful resource we can find on Earth, and that Love is the thing with which our society can grow in a better way. Love, that I can in general call Good Things, because love put together is all the good things, like empathy, kindness, happiness, etc., exists only with the Bad Things, which are all the negative things that happen in the World, like wars, hate, fear, pain, etc. We have to know this and just move forward, because Bad Things will always exist, it's natural. So why suffer during life? It's better to look at the good things. I'm always curious, energetic, active, astonished in front of Life. I love to travel, to explore, to try, to err, to discover all the experiences (good and bad ones) that life can give to me.

I think gaining experience is a little bit more important than theory, but theory is necessary to understand better the experiences you live.
I feel in debt to life, that's why I always talk about trying to contribute to the progress of our society in a more Lovely (respectful, happy, empathetic, etc.) way. Because life is so wonderful that we have to give something back to Her. I have no pretenses of changing the world, but I am convinced that in trying to improve the part of reality with which we meet, we can get to improve the whole world.

I love Nature and I don't believe properly in the Christian God: I just think (this is my personal view) that there's some Force that connects all the beings on Earth, and to me this is Mother Nature. But you can call it God, Allah, Buddha, etc. Religion is not a bad thing, it's just something to help us, and every religion talks about loving each other. In fact, I think we humans, and the other beings, are a unique, big family, and we must try to live together. It's difficult, but we can do it I suppose.

That's roughly my way of seeing life. Thanks for reading :)