Hi! I'm Fred, a designer and an activist for education and social innovation.
Thanks for visiting my webspace. I hope you can enjoy it and my projects, and find inspiration for yours.

About me:

I'm an artist? I don't know. I'm just a human being who loves to do a lot of different projects. I've done many projects, since I was young. Actually, I'm a communication designer, graduated from Politecnico di Milano. I'm also a songwriter, a band frontman, a poet, a painter, a visualist, a club designer, a project manager, a web designer, a DJ, an animator, a writer, a philosopher, a pacifist, an activist, the president of a non-profit association, and I wish to do every kind of work during my life. I love philosophy, psychology, astrophysics, and science in general. But first of all I'm simply a human being, and I love to give this definition of myself. You can just call me Fred, and know that I am a kind human being.

My dream is to contribute to changing the world, and this idea has never left me, because Life is so beautiful that I consider myself in debt to Her, so I will try to leave Her better than before. That's because I always speak about changing the world and society, and not just about cars or shoes.

About my projects and my work:

As I said, I grew up doing a lot of stuff, and I'm still learning a lot of things by living my everyday life. I try to be always free, curious, active, a lover; a human. I have been involved in a lot of projects, especially about organising people's lives, trying to understand their needs, and helping them be happier. My first love was RUN BVS, a borderline designers' collective I co-founded in 2011. After that, I co-founded Bilobo, a strategy consultation and branding studio, where I worked till September 2016: we believed in the power of imagination and we have been following different realities since 2013. Last year (2018) I finally discovered what I want to do during my Life: producing events and working in the educational and social innovation field. I'm fixing that collaborating with different realities like SOS - La scuola open source, MACAO, School RaisingPACO, the first design collaborative (here a short interview they made to me) and working by myself to help people start their own business and realise their life dreams by using my creativity and my contacts - using imagination to find new ways that haven't been considered before. I love my job. But the most important thing that I'm currently part of is Think Together, an experimental project about education. We strongly believe that by changing our educational methods we can build a better future for everyone. As Bruno Munari said, “The children of today are the adults of tomorrow”. I totally agree with him. I'm working on Think Together with beautiful people and teammates thanks to Combo, a non-profit cultural association that I have been the president of since February 2015. Combo's goal is to contribute to the progress of our society by spreading the fundamental values of empathy, culture and realistic optimism.

I like to experiment with every kind of art - I write, I sing in a punk-rock band, I make (bad) graphics and paintings (but I always try to improve myself)! I love people, and studying how we communicate between our selves.

I love travelling around a looooot. Travelling - alone or with someone else- is truly one of the best ways to grow as a professional; you can get inspired in creativity, and especially as a human being, learning by the experiences you acquire.

So that's quite all. If you want to collaborate with me, have a drink, chat, or just propose an idea (I love receiving proposals), please email me at Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.. Thankssssss!